Yuqian (Neil) Ni

PhD student at Indiana University Bloomington

Dual major in Communication Science and Cognitive Science

Two Abstracts Accepted by the 2021 SPR Virtual Annual Meeting

Our research abstracts on 1) bridging self-report arousal rating and skin conductance level and 2) music emotion and physiological responses have been accepted by the 2021 SPR Virtual Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR) for poster presentation. Great news and looking forward to the virtual conference. Ni,Y. Cores-Sarria,L. (2021) Bridging Skin Conductance and Self-reportContinue reading “Two Abstracts Accepted by the 2021 SPR Virtual Annual Meeting”

Officially Double Major

I officially become a double major doctoral student studying Communication Science and Cognitive Science. It will be a challenging program but I’m very excited about it!

Research Abstract Accepted by 2021 ICA

Our research abstract on music emotion and physiological responses was just accepted by the 2021 ICA (International Communication Association) virtual annual meeting. Great news and looking forward! Potter,R.F. Ni,Y. (2020) Predicting Physiological Responses to Popular Music with Retrospective Self-report Ratings

Beginning New Journey at Indiana University Bloomington

I start my PhD student life at the Media School of Indiana University Bloomington. Looking forward to work with my advisor, Dr. Rob Potter. Also excited about learning from other great professors and collaborate with peer student scholars!


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